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Cloud computing – The infrastructure challenge in Kenya

Posted by Wachanga.W.W. on Feb 28, 2012 in Cloud Computing

Clouds outside my window have been gathering and darkening for the last few minutes and within no time now they will open up and unleash the downpour on us. What’s drifting my thoughts into the clouds to test my weather forecasting skills is the slow loading speed of an internet page I clicked earlier. This is as a result of a technical problem with two of the main undersea fibre optic cables – EASSy and Teams. This problem started four days ago and the technical teams resolving the issue say the problem may persist for a week or two.

This observation of the clouds also brings to mind, a launch I had earlier attended on cloud computing by one of the major telecommunications companies in Kenya. At this forum, bright future promises of cloud computing were brought forth and pertinent concerns were raised by the audience as well. It makes me ponder at what are the main infrastructure challenges that are going to face business in this region as they adopt cloud computing.

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